Rocinante Studios is a boutique recording studio situated on the border of Marina del Rey, Venice and Culver City
with emphasis placed on the amateur singer and songwriter.
We are passionate about bringing original songs (or covers!) to life.

Having worked with many amateur singers, we will provide a stress-free, patient environment,
where we can help you reach your best potential in the studio. Making music should always be fun.
We can help turn your song sketch into a full blown production, or capture a great solo recording.

We have a fantastic custom made vocal booth, and the space is treated by LA Sound Panels.

The producer Campbell has also been known to make pizza, which is worth a trip in itself.


At Rocinante Studios, YOU are the center of the song.

Our job is to bring your song to life, and bring out your greatest potential.

Many songwriters don’t have easy access to other musicians, or the funds to hire them. This is where Rocinante Studios can help out. We have low overheads, which lets us move quickly, and retain a competitive price. Even if you can only play an instrument a little bit, we can still incorporate it into the song. We can help with any singing issues too.

If you're not comfortable, then we're not comfortable. We are also nice people :-)

We love music. We love making music every day.

We love your songs. We love what your songs can become.

It took me years to appreciate my voice, and actually discover I love being on stage and I love recording. Campbell’s help was instrumental on this journey. Not only did he provide a great collaborative environment, listened to what I wanted to achieve (my insecurities along the side too), but he guided me through the exploration what I wanted my voice to express and arranged every song we ever worked on together. He is an incredibly skilled musician, singer-songwriter, that helped me co-write my very first song and atop everything, he’s a joy to work with. I look forward to many more recording sessions!
— Petra Gojun
I love working with Campbell! I never imagined that I would be able to write and record a song of my own and end up with recording of such high quality in such a fun, low stress environment. The friendly vibe of our sessions definitely helped us produce some cool art. I learned a lot from Campbell and I’m super happy with our results from our sessions. I can’t wait to work with him again!
— Azure Bowie-Hankins