Rocinante Studios can be very flexible for your needs. Just get in touch with in queries. Below is a list of the main services provided.

Studio prices start from $35 per hour.


Vocal recording is done using a selection of fantastic mics. There is a custom built vocal booth which gives a noise free isolated environment. Vocal recording can also be done in the live room using portable Gobos and a vocal shield, if preferred.



Acoustic instruments are generally recorded using a combination of large and small diaphragm condenser microphones. Amplified instruments can be recorded by micing up an amp in the vocal booth, or a straight DI if preferred. There is also a full size piano, which can record directly to midi.



The vocal booth is perfect for voice over artists. The booth could either be used with the artist's own equipment, or the studio equipment.




A professional mix can be done of all tracks recorded in the studio. Also, Rocinante Studios can mix externally recorded sessions. If no mixing is required, the raw files and/or project can be shared at no cost.



A live video can be recorded of a song. The video and audio are recorded separately, so that the audio can be properly mixed.



A complimentary master will be done, which gets your song to a commercial volume and quality. You will also receive an unmastered version of your song if you choose to use an external mastering studio.



Your song can be arranged into a proper production. This is useful if you have a sketch or rough recording, that you would like to build into a full song.



Instrumentation can be added to any existing track, or can be created from scratch. Examples are vocal, guitar (acoustic and electric), piano, synth, bass guitar, orchestration, tin whistle, banjo and harmonica. Drums can be programmed using industry standard sample libraries.



Rocinante Studios offers guitar lessons. See Guitar Lessons for more details.