Here is a changing list of recent studio recordings



A collection of live videos.


This was a fun recording using a mic with a switchable polar pattern set to 'figure of eight' mode. This turns the mic on at the front and back, and nulls the side for great sound isolation. It's a technique that can be used to get a great mix for multiple backing vocals at once. However, there's a discipline in making sure the singing volumes are in sync when recording, as you can't fix in the mix! It's a fun way to record, and frankly looks cool.


A guitar instrumental recording of an original tune. Small and large body condenser mics were used to record in stereo, then blended together. This is a great way of getting an interesting sound. The large body has a brighter sound, and also picks up a little more room ambience. The small body is closer, and has a deeper sound to an extend (depending on positioning). There's some delay timed with the guitar playing at several parts, and some surgical EQ was used to reduce bass on some of the thumb picked root notes.


A late night impromptu recording with Campbell and his Dad. The 'Gobo' acoustic board in the middle was great for isolating the vocals and recorder between the two of them. No beers or anything were drunk before the performance, and any overdubbing of Campbell's part is purely in your mind. Otherwise this represents one of the most fun things about live recordings and videos - capturing a great (even silly!) moment.


Another impromptu recording done back in SF, of Ingrid Michaelson's 'Over You'. The video of this is largely terrible due to filming the back of most people. But, the recording came out fantastic, due to the interweaving of the vocals, and obviously the great mix.


A fun recording over 'Fairytale of New York'. If you listen closely, you'll hear some added orchestration on the choruses. Campbell's mic is set to 'figure of 8' so it doesn't pick up any of Jen's vocal from the side, which helps with mixing.

Probably the last video and recording done in SF. This was an original song with a mix of guitar, vocals, and harmonica. The guitar was recorded directly with the DI (and a fantastic DR Baggs pickup). DI is great for live recordings, as it gives a completely isolated guitar sound. It's used less in studio recordings though, replaced by microphones. It's still handle to capture though, as it can be blended in with the overall sound.


A version of the intro to Stairway to Heaven played on an Irish Tin Whistle. The original recording sounds like John Paul Jones is playing a recorder. The particular tin whistle being used in the video, is a 'Shaw' in the key of D, purchased in Inverness, Scotland. It differs from standard tin whistles, in that it has a wooden mouthpiece instead of a plastic one. This gives it more of an airy sound similar to a flute. Which personally I prefer a lot!