Campbell Wilson: Producer, Recording Engineer, Session Musician

ABOUT Campbell Jeffrey Wilson

Campbell is a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter and mixing engineer originally from Scotland.

Campbell has enjoyed playing and making music from a young age, from clarinet in a wind band, to electric guitar in various rock bands. Other instruments include harmonica, piano, bass, drums and multi octave vocals.

He was heavily influenced by the folk music of Scotland and Ireland, particularly in Aberdeen where he spent a lot of time at folk jams and learned to play the tin whistle.

Having moved to London, he formed a garage rock band  - Quixote - which he fronted and wrote for. He also started producing music for local London acts.

In San Francisco, Campbell produced music for performers and students from InnerVoice Studios and Songrise Studios while working on mobile games at Electronics Arts.

At Rocinante Studios in LA, Campbell works with amateur singer songwriters, musicians, voice-over actors and video producers. He lives in Del Rey, with his wife Suz, and cats - Ocean and Mahoney.

Check out what Campbell is listening to on Spotify.