Below is the custom made vocal booth. It's big enough to easily accommodate extra instruments such as an guitar, or an electric guitar amp that can be mic'd up . It's been treated inside moderately with Auralex, and long bass traps on the sides. What the booth provides is a great clean vocal, with zero noise from outside.

 An excellent advantage of the booth, is that the microphone can be used in 'omni directional' mode, without any risk of background noise being picked up. This completely removes the 'proximity effect' (experienced with traditional cardoid) which can make a singer's voice bassier, when recording close to the mic.

The booth is also useful for any self conscious singers, as you can literally shut yourself off from the world.

Vocal booth 1.jpg


The treatment works brilliantly by absorbing low frequencies and excess reflections. When mixing, the 'boominess' of the bass sound is removed, so that only its punch remains. The treatment is also great at preventing ear fatigue which can happen when too many reflections are bouncing around.


The alcove works as a 'Live Area'. There are two portable Gobos on wheels, which can be maneuvered to isolate the sound. It's great for capturing an acoustic guitar or vocal, if a client is after more of a live sound than the booth. It's also great for recording live videos.

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Creature comforts

Rocinante Studios may be on a smaller side, but your comfort is super important to us.

There's a bathroom in the studio, and a sofa to rest on between takes. We have a relaxation area outside the studio.

You can count on a steady supply of water, soft drinks, beers and pizza on Fridays. We have dedicated parking too.

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