Highway to Hell: Alternative guitar solo, improvised over a couple of takes using fingers only (no guitar pick/plectrum)

I'm producing a version of Adele's Love Song for a client, and this is the acoustic guitar solo I'm going with.

Acoustic version of Stairway to Hell intro, also with an Irish Tin Whistle playing the John Paul Jones part.

Guitar lesson: Tricky chords F#m, C#m, 'Fat A', and an example using them with Aerosmith's 'Cryin'



In our guitar lessons, emphasis is placed on the needs of the individual.

This can mean learning to play guitar in order to sing a song, to play rhythm in a band, to play a favorite guitar solo, or to write original music. Appropriate theory will be taught alongside the actual playing.

Emphasis is also placed on having fun when learning.

You'll get recording time bundled with the guitar lessons, so you can impress your friends with your progress. You can also use lesson time to record a professionally mixed video.



  • Sing a song with the guitar
  • 'Jam' with another guitarist
  • Play a guitar solo (acoustic, blues, heavy metal)
  • Improvise a guitar solo
  • Play harmonica with the guitar
  • Use a capo, and transpose songs into different keys
  • Work out a song using your ear
  • Travis picking
  • Record your guitar into your favorite software
  • Learn scales and modes, and use them in solos and melodies
  • Incorporate advanced techniques such as tapping, ghost harmonics and whammy bar 'gargles' into your solos
  • Develop your sound using effects pedals


Guitar lessons in the studio start from $35 for 30min, $45 for 45min and $55 for an hour. Discounts for a series booking.


Free consultation

If you're interested but still want to find out more, there's a free 30-minute consultation. You can let Campbell know of any songs you're interested in playing before this.